Melissa & Franklin

Mark has done an amazing job of giving our little Frenchie the foundation he needs to be the kind of dog we can take anywhere and know he will be a joy to be around! Mark is patient and kind…with the animals and the humans! We cannot thank him enough for all he has taught us. We would not hesitate to call Mark again if we had any training needs!

Mitchell and Bella

After a 15 years since last having to train a puppy, our 6 month old Boxer, Bella, was getting the best of us. Mark’s common sense approach to training us (humans) made it easy to understand his building block method of training. Bella is now much easier to walk, has better manners and seems to be able to better

Bill & Rhonda & BeBe

We contacted Mark during our winter stay at Riverside RV Resort near Port Charlotte FL. Our two year old yellow lab, BeBe, has also been a loving dog but we had some behavior issues. One was walking her on a leash. A walk was akin to flying a kite in hurricane winds. If a dog, person or squirrel went by we were at a full blown Cat. 5! Under Mark’s professional directions we were able to correct our behaviors, thus allowing us to teach BeBe what we liked and didn’t like. After the first relaxed walk, I cried at the shear relief and joy I had just experience with our wonderful dog. We highly recommend Advanced Canine Development. Thanks Mark for your professionalism, calmness, guidance and most of all your obvious love for dogs.

Miles & Nancy

After getting our first family dog, a two month old rescue named Nancy, we quickly started unknowingly teaching the dog to do all of the wrong things… Mark very quickly turned things around for us. He gave us all of the knowledge and skills that we need to ensure that Nancy continues to be an obedient and happy dog for our family. I highly recommend contacting Mark for high quality training. You will be glad you did.

Linda & Gabby

Mark has helped in so many ways with our little toy poodle. She is a hand full and Mark has helped her to settle down and follow simple commands. She is adorable and enjoys being the center of attention. She barks less and has learned to enjoy being a member of the pack.

Robert & “Mr. Wee”

Mark at Advanced Canine Development has helped us with our under socialized dog, Mr. Wee. Before bringing him to Advanced Canine Development, we could not take him anywhere. Mr. Wee would bark at everyone, other dogs, bunnies, anything and was not friendly. But at home he was a loving dog. He would not walk on the leash, but would constantly jump at you or pull at the leash. After 2 weeks with Mark, he is the perfect family pet. I just took him to the farmers market this morning. He was a perfect angel. People were coming up to me and saying what a sweet well behaved dog. One lady even took his picture. There is nothing cuter than a well-behaved dog. Mark did more in 2 weeks, than we could in 2 years with him. We were so proud of him. Thank you

Debbie & Henry

I contacted Mark for the training of my 8 mo old Bloodhound that had grown to overpower me and was quickly becoming extremely overwhelming….I couldn’t have been more impressed and amazed at what all Henry was able to accomplish in the 2 week time frame. Mark definitely has a wonderful way and approach at reaching the dog’s potential and correcting the troubled areas. I am so grateful that Mark has been able to take such a huge burden off my shoulders and has given me the pup that I am proud to show off, take to outings and simply enjoy having every day!

Todd & Karen & Bear

Chihuahuas are notorious for being difficult to train. However, this is not the case when you have the guidance of a highly skilled canine trainer like Mark at Advanced Canine Development who is very knowledgeable about canine temperament and behavior. Our Chihuahua, Bear, is part of our family and we believe in making the same commitments to him as we would a child. This includes investing in his education. Mark is very patient with Bear, yet he has been quick in achieving our goals for Bear. I was amazed at what Bear learned just in one day! The whole process was enjoyable for us as well as Bear because Mark tailored the training sessions to our lifestyle. We and Bear enjoyed it so much that we signed up for more training to see what else Bear can do!

Olga & Johan & Rocky

Advance Canine Development is UNBELIEVABLE! I give Mark a Perfect 10. My family and I just worked with Mark on acquiring the newest member to our family, a little Miniature Schnauzer. We had been waiting for a long time to find our perfect match. Thanks to Mark and his expertise and love for animals and ability to work with Dogs, we found our perfect match, Rocky! We don’t believe we could have done this without Mark’s help. He has made the whole process seamless and honestly, just amazing. Within 24 hours our puppy learned things we thought would take a while. Granted every dog is different, but we knew Mark was great! He’s the perfect trainer! If you are out there looking for a professional to help you with your puppy or doggie, look no further! Mark is totally amazing and loves what he does. That makes all the difference! As a family we are so thankful for Mark and all his help,