Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.
Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.

Rescue/Shelter Dog Programs

Looking for that special dog but not sure what type is a perfect match for your family?


Thinking about saving the life of a shelter/rescue dog but afraid of the unknown?


Already have a shelter dog with undesirable behavioral issues?

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Adopting a dog or puppy from the shelter is a noble endevor, but not always an easy task.  More often than not, dogs end up in a shelter/rescue setting as a result of behavioral issues that may not be initally apparent.  Knowing what to look for and how to assess a dog can save a lot of future heartache and reduces the risk of your new dog being returned to the shelter.



Rescue Program:


Adopting a dog into the family is a lifetime committment. Many people end up with a dog that is not suited for the lifestyle they lead.  Let us help you avoid that common pitfall.  We will meet with you in the pre-adoption phase.  During this consultation, we will engage in an exchange of information to determine the characteristics, both physical and temperamental, that would make a perfect match.  We will offer our recommendations to you.  After this consultation, there are two potential options.

  • The first option is that our trained staff will look for dogs that meet your criteria and notify you when we have a likely candidate.  After a dog has been found for you, we will arrange a meeting where you can see the dog and we will go over why we think this is a good match.   If you agree with our recommendation, we will discuss any training or behavioral issues and help you choose the right training package for your new family member.
  • The second option is that you and your family look for a dog based on our initial consultation with you on what to look for.  Once a potential candidate has been located, you notify us and we set a time to meet  with you and the dog and we will conduct an initial assessment.  We will go over our results with you and you can decide if the dog is a good match.  If it is, then we will go over the various training packages to meet your needs.








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