Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.
Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.


Advanced Manners:


Once your dog has successfully completed Basic Obedience, it is suggested that you work with your dog for a month or two to perfect the skills learned in our Basic Obedience Program before signing up for Advanced Obedience. This Program takes you and your dog to another level by further building your relationship with your dog while strengthening the focus and communication skills instilled, we will be adding distractions, distance, duration and difficulty to the behaviors. Proofing these skills will prepare your dog for off-leash training and make these behaviors reliable in distracting environments. This program allows for clients to customize behaviors that they feel are important in their lives.

Behaviors addressed in this program may include but not limited to:

Heel on and off leash
Off leash walking, sit, down, recall
Retrieve/pick up and drop items
Ring Bell to go outside
Ride in Golf cart
Ride in Boat
Run along side bicycle


Twelve 1 hour sessions



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