Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.
Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.

We focus on manners and etiquette using positive reinforcement and science based training. Our dog training programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Our goal is to provide training that benefits the dog owner and their dog.  We provide a variety of programs and services that help dog owners accomplish their dog training goals. We use humane methods and techniques to get great results. The ending result is a very happy, well mannered dog who is a pleasure to be around.

Training Packages


Behavior Issues

Basic Manners  

   Advanced              Manners

Service Dog


All training includes packages providing either training in your home or board and train.



Our consultations and evaluations are geared to give you information that is specific to you and your dog.  The consultation is when we meet with you and your dog, discuss your current concerns, review your specific training goals, and get to know a little about your dog’s personality and temperament.


We will discuss our training options in more detail, show you our dogs so you have a full understanding of what to expect when working with us, and of course, answer any questions you may have.


This appointment is free of charge.

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