Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.
Good Dog, Bad Manners? We can help.

What our customers say about us

Mark has done an amazing job of giving our little Frenchie the foundation he needs to be the kind of dog we can take anywhere and know he will be a joy to be around! Mark is patient and kind...with the animals and the humans! We cannot thank him enough for all he has taught us. We would not hesitate to call Mark again if we had any training needs!


Melissa & Franklin





After a 15 years since last having to train a puppy, our 6 month old Boxer, Bella, was getting the best of us. Mark's common sense approach to training us (humans) made it easy to understand his building block method of training. Bella is now much easier to walk, has better manners and seems to be able to better.

Mitchell and Bella




This trainer saved our family from having to give up our pup. My husband and family were losing their patience with several very annoying habits. Mark trained my husband and I how to work with our pup to rid him of these issues. At the same time he strengthened the bond between all parties. 
Mark also went the extra step to check on us and encourage our progress when our time between sessions was a bit longer then it should have been. 
In the end the bad habits are gone and our puppy is staying!
Thank you!!!

Erin and Chief

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We contacted Mark during our winter stay at Riverside Rv Resort near Port Charlotte FL. Our two year old yellow lab, BeBe, has also been a loving dog but we had some behavior issues. One was walking her on a leash. A walk was akin to flying a kite in hurricane winds. If a dog, person or squirrel went by we were at a full blown Cat. 5! Under Mark’s professional directions we were able to correct our behaviors, thus allowing us to teach BeBe what we liked and didn’t like. After the first relaxed walk, I cried at the shear relief and joy I had just experience with our wonderful dog. We highly recommend Advanced Canine Development. Thanks Mark for your professionalism, calmness, guidance and most of all your obvious love for dogs.
Bill and Rhonda and BeBe

After getting our first family dog, a two month old rescue named Nancy, we quickly started unknowingly teaching the dog to do all of the wrong things... Mark very quickly turned things around for us. He gave us all of the knowledge and skills that we need to ensure that Nancy continues to be an obedient and happy dog for our family. I highly recommend contacting Mark for high quality training. You will be glad you did.

Miles and Nancy




Mark was a joy. His expertise and professionalism have transformed the behavior of our dogs. We had a puppy and a one year old and BOTH animals learned quickly. Mark developed a training plan unique to each dog. Very grateful and appreciate the training. Highly recommend.

Jeremy &Teddy & Coby




While in Port Charlotte this winter, Mark Foreman of Advanced Canine Development worked with us and our five-year-old golden-doodle, Murphy. Murphy is leash reactive meaning when he sees other dogs on leashes he barks and lunges at them making it difficult to take him out in public. Mark worked with us using patience and humor to correct our reactions to Murphy behaviors. Mark went beyond expectations. One day after a lesson, Mark took Murphy with him to see his reactions to other dogs in different situations in order to better work with us. He wrote us a plan explaining leash reactivity and ways we could correct Murphy.
Murphy has shown great improvement and we have enough information to continue the training when we go north.
We strongly recommend Mark for you dog’s training issues.

Diane and John




Mark has been excellent in not only training our little 6 month old puppy Prudence-he is excellent at training us!! We had no idea where to begin and Mark has shown us the way to have a very well behaved and socially acceptable puppy! Would highly recommend Mark for his expertise and professional manner!


Paula & Prudence




Mark is doing an incredible job working with us and our 3 month old German Short Haired Pointer Geddy! We have learned so much in a few weeks!


Rob & Shelia & Geddy




Mark was amazing with our two year old Morkie, Latte. He was very down to earth and understood how to work with us according to our lifestyle. We had consulted other dog trainers in the past, and we didn’t connect with the methods that they used. We felt that Mark used positive training and really cares about the clients and dogs that he works with. He also gave us a lot of behavioral training information that was based on research. Latte loved every weekly training session! I would highly recommend! Her behavior has gone from a demanding diva with destructive chewing issues to an angel.


Jacqueline & Latte




You know the old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks."  Well, that isn't true when it comes to Advanced Canine Development.  Mark's techniques for dog training are outstanding.  We are speaking from our own experience with Mark as well as seeing how well he works with other dogs in our RV Park (our Winter home).
Mark is very patient with us and our dog Annie. He always finds ways to make the training fun and easy for us as well as Annie.
Thank you so very much Mark.  We appreciate all you have taught us and now we have a well mannered "Annie" dog.
Vic & Kathryn & Annie

I contacted Advanced Canine Development to help with my 2 1/2 year old chocolate Lab and his excitable greetings.  Mark shared so much knowledge and experience and I learned so much from him.  Mark was good at explaining how to get the behaviors we want from our dog with positive reinforcements.  He truly cares and wanted us to be successful.  My dog , Milo, and I will keep working together and we are improving every day!  Thank you, Mark!

Beth and Milo




Our family purchased an Australian Shepherd from Mark. This is one of the most delightful and trained dog I have ever had. We were able to pick up tips from Mark to continue her training. I would give Mark 6 stars for sure!!


Judy and Sweet Pea




After a little retraining due to our bad habits we were able to make great strides with our 2 dogs thanks to Mark.





We got Peyton at 11 weeks old and he was not trained.  He is a very high energy dog and very intelligent.  We started in training and found out that it was a harder job than we thought.  We had had dogs before but not the challenge that Peyton was.  We called Mark and he helped us to get things under control.  He now goes out side to Potty and obeys many commands.  Life is much easier now and we are enjoying Peyton!  We will continue on with the training that mark gave us to  make Peyton a well mannered dog.

Jean and Peyton





We just love Mark! He was patient with us and he made the whole family a part of adding a new member to our family. He is full of knowledge and really understands and loves how to train dogs. We couldn’t have found our perfect match without Mark’s help. If you are out there looking for help or looking for someone to train your canine, look no further! Mark is the trainer for you!


Olga, Johan and Rocky

I was in dire need of help with my Australian Shepherd Blu. At 18mo. and 50lbs. He was to much for me to handle on a leash. I could not walk him without him wanting to chase after every car that passed, or going crazy barking and whining when people where within his site. It took all I had to hold onto him. In fear that something bad would happen, I did some research and decided to call Mark. That was the best thing I could of done for both Blu and my family. After six sessions he is very obedient, and a pleasure to take on walks. He no longer wants to chase after cars, or run off to greet others in passing. Mark is very knowledgeable, patient and is always quick to respond when called upon, and Blu enjoys his sessions. I highly recommend Mark with Advanced Canine Development. You won’t be disappointed.


El Marie and Blu




If you are looking for the best trainer, Mark is the guy. Mark is very patient and included our whole family in the training. We have a min pin puppy that needed serious direction and mark came in when he was about 6 months old. Mark is very educated and uses positive reinforcement techniques. Mark showed us all the things his dog could do prior to us making a commitment to him. Mark went out of his way to come to your house, which is 30 minutes from his general area, completed the consultation and then came to our home for all the training sessions. Mark is very flexible and will work around your schedule. I highly recommend Advanced Canine Development.


Nicole, Henry, & Diesel




We are very grateful to Mark at Advanced Canine Development. His knowledge, experience and true love of dogs has made him a great trainer. Our German Shepherd Maya was a year old and we couldn’t quite get her over a few bad habits and didn’t trust her off lease to obey our commands. We had several concerns about board and train programs – how will she be treated and trained, will she retain the same sweet disposition? We saw Maya several times during her training and she was happy, healthy, had great playmates and other dogs to teach her how to be a good girl. Mark has worked with us as much as he worked with Maya – probably more. Maya is still very sweet and lovey but now she is also a trained and obedient dog. My frail mom can come over and Maya doesn’t knock her over with love and enthusiasm. She waits patiently until released and greets her calmly – all of us use the same behavior for greeting.

Jennifer and Maya




I am so happy that I found Mark at Advanced Canine Development.  Abby has had severe generalized anxiety since I brought her home at 8 weeks. I tried everything, including medication, to help her cope with life. Nothing worked for her. At 14 months I made a decision to try a professional trainer and found Mark on the internet. He has been a miracle worker! Abby will never get completely over her anxiety, but with Marks guidance we have been able to walk through the neighborhood without incident every day. She has even made some new furry friends along the way. His methods have enabled me to identify and control her anxiety before it gets out of control. Because of Marks skill and training technique, Abby will be relaxed and happy for years to come.  Thank you Mark!!!


Tracy & Abby




My Family acquired a 3-month-old great dane and after a few weeks we noticed we were struggling to get her training.  After many accidents and long nights, we contacted Advanced Canine Development. My husband is a firefighter and we both have very difficult schedules.  Mark was our savior.  He worked with us and Harley to make the new an addition to our family one of the best thing we have ever done.  Harley has become to puppy we dreamed of.  Thank you Mark and Advanced Canine Development we could not have done it without you.


Amber and Harley


My husband and I decided we wold like a German Shepherd. We contacted Advanced Canine Development. Mark Found us a 14 week old puppy. This has been a smooth transition with few issues.We now have a happy new member of the family to add to with our two little dogs and two cats. Mark follows up regular to make sure training is progressing and all issues are addressed before they are problems. We recommend Advanced Canine Development to all our family and friends.

Sue and Jerry




We picked up a very challenging 2-year-old rescue dog from the pound. We have had several dogs and have always managed to train them, but after 6 months of trying (and very little success) we were at our wits end, and then our veterinarian recommended Mark. Mark made the time to come sit with us, identify exactly what it was that we wanted out of training, and was very upfront and honest about any expectations and how long it would take.
One of the major issues we had with our dog was that she was near impossible to walk.  She would pull, jump, twirl, bite at the leash – You name it. By the end of the very first session, Mark had her reasonably walking by our side and no longer pulling us down the road!  We have a full house and a hectic schedule. Mark always worked around our schedule, and always happily told us “I work for you – Whatever you need”. He made himself available when we called for advice, and always had very good insight as to how to think like our dog and get through to her.  On top of being great with the dog and the training, he spent hours with our children teaching them how to deal with the dog. He talked to them on a level they could understand and explained everything incredibly well to them.  Our lives are so much better after working with Mark and our dog is completely different than when he started with her - We could not recommend him enough!
Michael & Jackie

We are extremely pleased that we found Mark. We consulted Mark to teach basic manners to our Havanese puppy. We were amazed! If company came over Mambo would bark nonstop and he was starting to jump up for attention, same when we took him out, he would not listen, he had bad manners. We tired group classes, clicker training, positive reinforcement, treats and nothing was working. On the first lesson we all learned so much. We were very impressed with the knowledge Mark provided. Anyone looking for a great trainer should call Mark from Advanced Canine Development. Thank you Mark

Sandra & Hector and Mambo






I've been a dog owner most of my life but never had one formally trained. What a difference the training made. My dog is more focused, obedient, calm, and protective than any other dog I ever had. She walks on a leash without pulling or barking at other dogs. She shows protective instincts but is gentle enough to play with my three year old in the backyard. The training we got from Advanced Canine Development made all the difference. Mark's knowledge of canine psychology and his training system is absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend him for any breed of dog or training needs. 
Scott G and Kali

My Boston Terrier, Teddy, is eight years old and has recently developed some serious behavioral problems. I called Advanced Canine Development for help. Mark, their senior trainer, responded. He worked well with Teddy, but recognized immediately that I, not Teddy, was the problem. Without being offensive, he made me see that I was allowing Teddy to be in charge and make household decisions. Mark worked with me, and immediately Teddy's behavior improved. Mark is not only a skilled dog trainer, he is a skilled human trainer. Thank you Mark.


Gavin and Teddy



My name is Simon.
I was a handful for my parents, I was a puppy that got into everything with no manners at all. I loved being chased, so I would take something that I wasn’t supposed to have and run. I didn’t realize how much of a problem this caused since my parents don’t move around so well anymore.
But you see, I wanted to be a good dog for my parents, and I just didn’t know how. Thank you to Mark for coming out meeting me and teaching me the manners I needed. My parents appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you
Pam and Ted
And Simon


I am very fortunate that I met Mark from Advanced Canine Development. I have a German Shepherd named Rex. He would bark at anything, jump on anyone, and was not listening. He chewed the furniture and would not listen to us at all.  Rex spent a few weeks with Mark and when I saw him he was a completely well behaved, educated dog. He listens and obeys on command. Mark is a miracle worker. His attention to details and his love for animals makes his job so much easier. I would gladly recommend Advanced Canine Development to anyone. They know what they are doing and are extremely professional. 
Pierre and Rex



Chihuahuas are notorious for being difficult to train. However, this is not the case when you have the guidance of a highly skilled canine trainer like Mark at Advanced Canine Development who is very knowledgeable about canine temperament and behavior. Our Chihuahua, Bear, is part of our family and we believe in making the same commitments to him as we would a child. This includes investing in his education. Mark is very patient with Bear, yet he has been quick in achieving our goals for Bear.  I was amazed at what Bear learned just in one day! The whole process was enjoyable for us as well as Bear because Mark tailored the training sessions to our lifestyle. We and Bear enjoyed it so much that we signed up for more training to see what else Bear can do!

Todd, Karen and Bear

"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us with our rescue dog, Rylee.  She had a case of separation anxiety.  We had never had a pet with this before. Gradually, we all worked with her to solve this problem and we are grateful.  You also worked with her on her excitable greetings.  Since we do a lot of walking in our neighborhood, it is nice to be able to enjoy our walk without her jumping on other walkers. You may gladly use us as a reference anytime"
Thank you. Barb and Tom K.

"Dear Mark,

I just want to say thank you for all your help with Abby. She was always a loving dog to her family and she loves ALL people. Our two problem issues were excitable greetings and walking on a leash...
Well, with help and guidance from Advanced Canine Development and Mark, I am now able to take Abby everywhere that I go. There is no more pulling or lunging at other dogs and I have become more confident in handling her. Abby is so happy to be able to go everywhere with me.  You even gave me the confidence to sit at an outdoor table at Fisherman’s Village with Abby. I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught both of us."

Anna and Abby
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"Mark's infinite patience and outstanding expertise with our dog "Maximillian," and his complete hands on "positive reinforcement training" has resulted in a wonderfully well behaved Boxer which is confident and a delight to share with.  Our dog has retained the characteristics of the breed and due to Mark's invaluable training our Boxer anticipates and virtually appears to read our minds."

Oren, Carmen and Max

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Mark from Advanced Canine Development has proven to be the best thing to happen to me and my one year old 3.5 lb Yorkie Daisy. Like most small dog owners, I take Daisy with me everywhere, from doctors offices to restaurants. So when I had problems with her not being quiet or coming when called, I called Mark. Marks approach to dog training was different than most techniques that I tried in the past. One on one training was a great way to train my small baby.  I had tried group training in the past that had us in a group of larger dogs from Shepherds to Dobermans, all weighing ten times what Daisy did. That was the worst experience for both myself and Daisy.  The first day Mark came to my home Daisy was all over him.  Marks way of explaining how dogs perceive things differently than we do made training much easier than any other techniques we tried. Mark has the knowledge and techniques to make your dog easy to train. I would highly recommend Mark for your dog.

Nancy and Daisy

"We want to give Mark and Advanced Canine Development an A+ Rating!  Mark is very knowledgeable and great with dogs.  We have seen him in action several times at different events, and he is amazing!  He had our German Shepherd for a little over two weeks for his board train program.  She came back a very well trained pup!  Mark keeps you involved every step of the way and molds the training to what you are looking to achieve.  He also stays involved after training is over always checking on Zelda and us to see how we are doing and if we need anything.  We highly recommend him and Advanced Canine Development for your training needs! I know we will be going to him for Advanced training for our dog.  He is one of a kind!"
Erinn and Nick L.



"I contacted Mark for training of my 8 mo old Bloodhound that had grown to overpower me and was quickly becoming extremely overwhelming....
I couldn’t have been more impressed and amazed at what all Henry was able to accomplish in the 2 week time frame. Mark definitely has a wonderful way and approach at reaching the dog’s potential and correcting the troubled areas.  I am so grateful that Mark has been able to take such a huge burden off my shoulders and has given me the pup that I am proud to show off, take to outings and simply enjoy having every day!"

Debbie and "Henry"

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Mark from Advanced canine development is nothing short of miraculous!! We have a three year old tripod rescue German Shepherd who has lived in many homes in his short life. He is a work in progress, however we are fast becoming a more peaceful household thanks to mark. We cannot recommend him highly enough!!!

Tina and Nemo

Mark at Advanced Canine Development has helped us with our under socialized dog, Mr. Wee.  Before bringing him to Advanced Canine Development, we could not take him anywhere.  Mr. Wee would bark at everyone, other dogs, bunnies, anything and was not friendly.  But at home he was a loving dog.   He would not walk on the leash, but would constantly jump at you or pull at the leash.  After 2 weeks with Mark, he is the perfect family pet.  I just took him to the farmers market this morning.  He was a perfect angel.  People were coming up to me and saying what a sweet well behaved dog.  One lady even took his picture.  There is nothing cuter than a well-behaved dog. Mark did more in 2 weeks, than we could in 2 years with him.  We were so proud of him.  

Thank you

Robert and 'Mr. Wee'

Mark at Advanced Canine Development had a dog by the name of Molly, who was in need of a home.  I already have one dog, a German Shepherd and was weary of taking on a brand new pup. As soon as I got to meet Molly, I fell in love. She was, thanks to Mark, already housebroken and trained in the basic commands and that solidified my decision in adopting her. It's been such an easy transition with Molly and my current dog, I cannot thank Mark enough! I would recommend Advanced Canine Development to any dog owner.


Julie and Molly

Mark has helped in so many ways with our little toy poodle. She is a hand full and Mark has helped her to settle down and follow simple commands. She is adorable and enjoys being the center of attention. She barks less and has learned to enjoy being a member of the pack.

Linda and Gabby




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